2018 Décor Trends

Predicting some home trends for the Zimbabwean home

If you are like us, we like to make sure we are in touch with global trends for the benefit of our clients. Whilst this is not necessarily for the purposes of adopting the “whole” look, it helps us to pick and drop what we believe will resonate with our people and environment.

We’ve gathered a few pointers to help you navigate through 2018, be it in your home, office, garden or your event.

1.Embracing Africa

Whilst this might get your eyes rolling, lend me your ear, rather your eyes for a little longer. Through various interactions with Zimbabweans of different backgrounds, one thing rings true – they have a new-found passion for their history and more so their future. What happened, when, why and where are we going? Blame it on the coup that was not a coup but I see the rebirth of African artifacts in homes. Not only with an origin of Zimbabwean roots but Africa in general. The 2018 citizen is global, they have travelled to Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana, you name it. It is always of great interest to find similarities in cultures across the border and bring it back home. Whilst the trend will be popular it MUST BE (ok, you don’t have to) blended with the few modern pieces. Be bolder though. The goat skin your grandmother gave you is not something to hide anymore! It’s pretty cool, use it!

Seagrass mat from www.collaborativecraftprojects.com


Malawi chair from Pomegranate Decor Zimbabwe.


Binga baskets from www.zienzele.org used in a feature wall.


We loved this decorative elephant sculpture “carrying” towels from our visit at the www.victoriafallsriverlodge.com


2. RIP Matchy Look – seriously!

If you haven’t moved on from this we really can’t help you…ok, maybe we can! This is not a prediction but a caution to let go of this look. Try something different this year. Take the 2018 colour of the year – Pantone, ultra violet for example. Absolutely everything we have personally worked against – bold, over the top and unnecessary. But wait, what can we take from this? If you have the priviledge of entering into a new home this year, this might be your opportunity to flex your décor muscles, under some guidance of course. Introduce a relative of the ultra violet colour as a feature wall – it will be a great conversation starter. Soften it up with some baby blue or green accessories. Plant rows of purple lavender, petunias or hydrangeas in your garden. Mix it up with some lovely predominantly white flowers like white lilies, white hydrangeas again and daisies.


Go bold with the 2018 colour of the year


DP Nursery

Start small in this quest of finally moving away from the matching look and build it up as you go. Don’t change up the whole look by the weekend, work out a feasible plan with practical timelines and you will be surprised by what you will achieve by the end of the year. All the best. Check out some inspiration boards we pinned for you.

Pantone – Ultra Violet, Colour of the Year


3. Concrete Floors

Image from kitchen renovation by DP


Whilst this look might get you the “ummm did you run out of money” glance or “when are the tiles due in?” question, don’t be phased by any such comments. Hold your head up high and flaunt your floor. Not only are these types of floors economical, they are easy to take care of. That’s not all, you can pick your colour. Yes – any (I doubt ultra violet is available though..lol) colour. Herewith some images we pinned for your perusal and inspiration. Once again, this is a great suggestion for a new build or a renovation project. Cement Floors❤️


4. House Plants

House plants are easing their way back into the Zimbabwean home, but differently this time. Our mothers used to have one of those plants which did the rounds on the ceiling (smh). It was a common feature and the more it grew, the more pride the family had. Then they became a thing of the past. They are now considered an essential interior design element as plants bring beauty and health benefits into the home. They bring a breath of fresh air especially when you have little room in your garden or no garden at all. Besides the beauty, who wouldn’t want the oxygen they bring and the potential benefits of eliminating toxins from our spaces. There are a few quite leafy and pleasant plants that are trending mainly:

  • The Philodendron (there are a number of varieties to choose from)
  • The Schefflera
  • Palms
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig (whilst it’s not common in Zimbabwe we have come across it once or twice and it is such a beauty)
  • The Sanseveria aka Mother in Law’s tounge.


These are trendy house plants for the bigger spaces. As for the smaller spaces like bathrooms, and perhaps the kitchen…cacti and succulents are most appropriate.Potted succulents available at the DP Nursery.

DP wishes you an amazing and productive 2018. Do share with us your predictions of some décor and garden trends.


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