The Design Practice is a resourceful and creative business that offers personalised interior and exterior design services.


The Design Practice approach to any project is to help our clients to understand that any form of design must always give a return, be it in the home, at an event or a commercial space.

The DP team fulfills their mandate by continuously developing solid and mutually beneficial relationships with multiple suppliers with the aim of offering tailor made solutions based on the client's taste, budget, use, and goals for their space.





Vimbayi is passionate about creating captivating and functional spaces. Her 10 years of corporate experience in Marketing and Customer Experience allows her to draw out a client's creative vision and bring it to life. Vimbayi strongly believes that great design solutions are created through intentional teamwork , a strong supplier network and ongoing communication between the client and designer. She thrives on new challenges, and is driven by a desire to see all who interact with the DP team to have positive experiences of their environments and communities.



Edith’s nurturing and gentle spirit allows her to thrive in the garden. Her love for succulents and all things organic places her firmly as our exterior partner. Having grown a plant nursery from a few loved flowers to a fully fledged nursery for her community and clients, she relishes in bringing life to gardens in a simplistic yet timeless way. An Accountant by profession, Edith takes care of the finances for the DP team. Her pleasures include going to the gym regularly and consulting on the development of young children after having attained her MBL which saw her thesis focusing on parenting.



Tsitsi is a natural at almost everything and anything. Her acute attention to detail and her ability to always keep an eye on the big picture makes her responsible for all our operations and procurement choices.  The Design Practice team immensely benefits from her creative, ingenious and resourceful energy, always hands-on, and ready to jump in to get the job done. A self taught photographer with an abundance of talent, Tsitsi loves new experiences in the form of travelling - having climbed Mount Kilimanjaro as part of her to do list.



Miranda’s ability to remember every meeting and conversation that has taken place in her lifetime is what keeps the team focused and accountable to the vision as well as the day to day tasks. A true millennial, Miranda places an emphasis on always finding a unique creative outlet, she also possesses amazing collaborative skills and works efficiently in the Design Practice's team-oriented environment.