Open Garden

I have always heard the saying, “spring is nature’s way of saying let’s party”, and now I know why. Coming from the dreary cold winter days, the Design Practice Open Garden clearly shouted spring is here, everything suddenly came to life. The run-up to the open garden was crazy and exciting at the same time. As we finished the last minute touch ups and inclusions, we could not help but be gripped by anxiety. Everything that is a first is always filled with a little bit of anxiety, excitement and nervousness. Think of your first day in grade one, in form one, at a new school or your very first job. Will they like you? Are you really ready? In all this we’ve learnt to push forward, regardless!



We however did not anticipate the overwhelming support that we received as the day progressed. The numerous plants that were on sale gave the garden enthusiasts much pleasure. From our favourite potted succulents to our range of herbs. Those who love their veggie patches were not left out too as they shopped for their favourite vegetable seedlings. It was a day filled with amazing interactions, making of new acquaintances and possible collaborations. There was a little bit of something for everyone, from palm trees to your lovely flowering bushes. The additional elements such as landscaping stones, pebbles, driftwoods and hanging baskets were also available for adding colour and character to the garden. What else shouts out spring more than your lovely annuals, the petunias, marigolds, lobelias and cineraria were definitely not left out in the mix.



Clearly there are two types of people, those who spend time making the garden and those who spend time enjoying the garden. Trust me,you are blessed if you can do both. We spend most of our lives creating the kind of garden we love yet we never take the time to enjoy it. We had a fair share of garden enthusiasts who were just out having a relaxing time in the garden enjoying our custom made mocktails and burgers prepared by our Lifestyle Partner. There are those who do not enjoy getting their fingers dirty but love all the natural ingredients from nature, we had something for them too. We had lovely carrots and lemons straight from our mothers’ garden and not forgetting the lovely homemade marmalade which was on sale too. A perfect bouquet and tutorial from our lovely florists ‘MADD ON FLOWERS’ was just the icing on the cake needed to complete a beautiful day.



The day was filled with laughter and exchange of garden advice and helpful hints and tips to get ones’ garden going for the summer, a perfect time to work on your garden elements before the rains are upon us.



The day drew to a close with our raffle draw. And yes the braai unit had to be won by one of our most valuable guests and customer Erene, who has since collected her new gadget. The free paint consult went to Albertina who arrived at 10.00am on the dot! Many thanks to all who came through, we absolutely appreciated your presence and valuable feedback. This is an event not to be missed next time….. Yes we plan on doing this more as we grow and allow us to become part of your homes.

Cheers  and here’s to a productive  SPRING.



We are open for usual business MONDAY TO Saturday. Be sure to pay us a visit. And if you must have your own intimate event, what better place to have it than in our gardens. We would be sure to make it memorable.


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