Refuelling for 2019

At the beginning of September 2018 I sat in a fuel queue with my dad. I had noticed a couple of days before when I was dropping a friend off in town that the queues were slightly longer than usual. I jumped in on one and got to the end and found out I couldn’t get any that day because swipe machines were not working. I brushed it off and thought I’d be back the next day. The lines were just longer the next day.

Two days later I found a filling station a little out of the way that didn’t look too bad and I jumped in on it. The line moved slowly but I didn’t mind waiting. I realised I had to make a calculated decision as to how much fuel I wanted because payment was required beforehand. The process to take money from Ecocash was taking so long for everyone as the network was inconsistent.

I started thinking about making precise plans for my future too.

I checked to see where my gauge was and I likened it to life. At this stage the gauge was close to empty. My end goal was to get my gauge to full. I took my pen out but had no paper. I found an old receipt and asked myself some questions.

Get a pen and paper out and answer these questions;

1. Where is your life at right now according to your definitive end goal?

2. What factors would contribute to that fuller life, whatever it may be?

3. As the year begins, is there a checklist from the beginning of 2018 that’s waiting to be ticked off?

4. What would make your life more successful heading into the future?

5. How many of the things on your list are in your control?

6. What challenges are you facing as you try to achieve some of your goals? Make a resolution to challenge yourself to figure out solutions outside the box.

7. Do you need help? Can you identify the areas you need help and hence people you can trust to help spur you on.

8. What time frame have you given yourself to obtain these  goals.

9. What is the focus of your goals?

I know there are some things in life we can’t control, like finding fuel at a petrol station😉. Look for opportunities in your life to think outside the box to attain your 2019 goals.

I need to have a full life. What does a full life look to me? Financial freedom, time to spend with loved ones, travel a little, invest in property. I’m sure most people have similar base goals. Whether you achieve financial freedom through a job, or working for yourself, or investments you have made, make it happen in 2019.

All the best.