ROOM MAKEOVER: A Touch of Character

There I was – in my parents lounge, on the couch ; watching a movie called ‘Instant Family’. The storyline was premised on couples who adopted children, and in the process, created beautiful families. A relatable aspect for me was that the main couple were interior specialists. The wife being the designer and the husband, the contractor ; the one in charge of the demo and reno as we like to call them…(or on Tv rather).

One could comprehend how emotions can be vented out, such as relief through demolishing or a sense of serenity through renovating. This got me thinking about the space I was in and how it made me feel. The attributes of the room I admire the most and the ones I want to see gone. Paying particular attention to my parent’s lounge which is fairly spacious and traditional but no offence to my parents…a tad bit boring. Not much is worth a talk about, well maybe the small plate painting of an African Shepard and random piece of art by yours truly.


The movie inspired me to begin cataloging information as to what consists of ‘the’ perfect lounge. One which is engaging, full of character, comfy and gives a sense of warmth. The kind of room that you wouldn’t mind spending the rest of their life in. Check out how I transformed the space through an identified design style, careful space planning, attention to the “fifth wall” – the ceiling and picking the right colours. Needless to say, I am still negotiating with my mum to implement these changes. Wish me luck!

Proposed Design

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Welcoming Tinashe – Our DP Interior Designer Intern.

Tinashe is studying Creative Art and Industrial Design at a local university. His venture into design as a career path is largely due to appreciation and interest in art and layout design. “I believe that interior design fulfils my interests and brings out the best of both worlds. To me interior design is not just design but is creating and generating environments to suit a variety of people, paying particular attention to different personalities, perception, needs and norms of the people with a blend of creativity and problem solving skills.”