Seasons of Life

Seasons of Life.

Sitting on my couch and clinging to my warm purple blanket, I wondered when my feet would start responding to the warmth of the hot cup of tea I was sipping on (sometimes I think my feet have a life of their own). I started musing at how seasons are so different. 



Winter has a way of making everything seem so gloomy and dreary. Each day I wake up wondering when the winter weather will clear so that I can start enjoying the warmth of the sun. As soon as summer comes through, I rejoice…well, until it gets too hot. Spring comes and I am so happy to see the bloom of colour until the sneezing starts. For me, this just goes to show that each season has its comforts and pain..and does not last forever.

I likened this to life. I feel like God deliberately made seasons to depict life.


There is a time for everything

and a season for every activity under the heavens..

Ecclesiastes. 3:1



Just when you feel it has become too cold, summer comes and thaws the freezing cold. But in the cold, you still have a cup of soup to warm you up, that cosy, soft throw to give you a buzz of warmth and not to mention the cuddling. As you wonder when that gloomy season in your life is going to end, be careful not to miss the precious moments – the loved one you get to cuddle with, the privilege of a home that shields you from the elements, food and drink. Often too many times we are busy concentrating on the downside of that particular season that we miss out on the pros that come with it.


(DP recommends you make your soup from scratch! You have a pass on those lazy days)

Yes, we are coming to the end of winter and everyone is looking forward to enjoying the summer, but don’t forget that it can get too warm or even too rainy. But before you start complaining again, be reminded that those too rainy and too warm days will give you a loads of family bonding time.



So, hold on in each season, love the good and use the not so good positively and you will soon realise that each season is there for a purpose and will not last forever.


Dieter F. Uchtdorf.